Magic Funhouse is a comedy web series originally streaming on Fullscreen. Although Fullscreen's streaming service has shut down, the series is still available on services such as Google Play and Amazon Video.



The main cast consists of Arlo (the host of Magic Funhouse played by the show's director and creator; Brandon Rogers), Dave (the newly hired production assistant played by Jess Weaver), Cliff (a flirtatious actor on the show played by TJ Smith), Sacha (a stylish actress on the show played by Elise Christian), Jimmy (the flamboyant agent's assistant played by Alex Diehl), Manjusha (Arlo's odd main assistant played by Nandini Minocha), and Mr. Chronis (the show's anchor played by Jude B. Lanston). There are also side characters such as Mrs. Bory (Arlo's forgetful neighbor and legal guardian played by Paulette Jones) and many nameless characters that appear throughout the series.


Brandon Rogers stars as the screaming, foul-mouthed host of an overly colorful low-budget children's TV show featuring the worst advice for kids, an inept crew, and numerous technical difficulties.


Season/Episode Name Synopsis
01/01 A Broadcast of Errors Dave looks back at the horrific beginnings of his new job as a production assistant for the local low-budget kids' TV show "Magic Funhouse!," hosted by a demanding manchild.
01/02 The Long Nap Arlo storms off the set during a live broadcast after Dr. Pottymouth says a word that triggers a painful childhood memory. Meanwhile, Cliff plans a porn premiere party.
01/03 Mine Is Harder Mr. Chronis forces the gang to swap identities with each other in competition for a raise. Breaking character gets you Tasered and puts you out of the competition.
01/04 Manjuce A shadow from Manjusha's past comes back to haunt her. Meanwhile, Cliff professes his love for another staff member, and we learn the history of "Magic Funhouse!"
01/05 Sex, Love and Lemonade Cliff suspects that Dave may be trying to murder him. Arlo tries to boost employee morale by taking his staff to laughter therapy, and Sacha engages in a turf war against two children.
01/06 Cancelled Arlo sinks deeper into insanity and tries to cancel his own show. Mr. Chronis opens up a dinner theater, and Dave seeks revenge.
01/07 A Trial of Errors "The Magic Funhouse!" cast and crew find themselves before a judge on live court TV as they describe the events over the past six months the way they remember them.
02/01 Why We Perform The gang tries to bring back "Magic Funhouse!" after its cancellation, but show star Arlo refuses to return. Meanwhile, wronged production assistant Dave acclimates to prison life.
02/02 The Farmhouse The gang is invited to a distant farmhouse to perform for a little girls birthday party. Its all fun and games until the farmers begin acting suspicious and Sacha goes missing.
02/03 Network Television The gang enters the world of network television, and learns how to adapt to their new studio. Meanwhile, Mr. Chronis is reminded of a painful memory tied to their new employer.
02/04 Dave's Revenge The cast of "Magic Funhouse!" lands a guest spot on a daytime talk show. Meanwhile, cast member/porn star Cliff finds love and Dave enacts the revenge hes been planning in prison.
02/05 Reality Stars Arlo and Dave fight for the spotlight, both on and off the show. Meanwhile, Manjusha enforces the studios new security policy, and Jimmy still isnt allowed to go near kids.
02/06 Behind the Portrait The gang discovers Cordulas true plans for "Magic Funhouse!" Cliff decides to leave the show, Arlo tries to make up for his past with Dave, and Mrs. Bory reveals her dark history.
02/07 Why We Get Married The gang puts together a deadly plan to get their show back, disguised as a wedding for Mr. Chronis.



Magic Funhouse was not renewed for a third season due to the closure of Fullscreen's streaming service in November 2017. In an Instagram video posted February 13th, 2018, Brandon Rogers stated that all of his web series except for Stuff & Sam had been cancelled.